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Welcome to
Progressive Metal Service:
Where Metal,
and Commitment
Shapes Legacies

Established in 1981, we are a one-stop-shop providing top-notch quality and ensuring rapid turnaround times for every project. Based in the USA, our company operates in Bossier City, Louisiana, delivering superior services with a touch of Southern pride. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified shop, we always prioritize the highest quality standards.

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American-Made Precision: Global Progression

Specializing in CNC milling, turning, and grinding, our precision is second to none. Our expertise includes machining, nitriding, and coating.


Machining Mastery

We’ve elevated precision into an art form through advanced programming, ensuring intricate designs and precise outcomes, while our multi-axis turning method handles complex geometries with pinpoint accuracy. Our
specialized grinding techniques deliver exceptional surface finishes and tight

Machined Parts

Nitriding Capabilities

Our nitriding capabilities set us apart. Leveraging nitrocarburizing, we expertly refine material microstructures, enhancing resilience and fortifying strength. Our mastery of thermal control guarantees durability and optimized material performance.


Coating Craftsmanship

At Progressive Metal Service, precision meets innovation. Our custom applications, showcasing Xylan, Molybdenum, and Phosphate coatings, are meticulously applied to exacting standards. Stringent tests guarantee durability, turning coatings into resilient safeguards against environmental challenges.

Exceeding Expectations: Craftsmanship with Care

At Progressive Metal Services, our customers are our top priority. We don’t just finish the job — our commitment extends further. We incorporate ingenuity, care, leadership, and wisdom into everything we do, to facilitate a higher level of quality and service. With versatility at our core, we provide solutions catering to a wide variety of applications.


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